Who We Are

We work towards sustainable and mutually beneficial commercial and cultural exchanges between Africa and Australia, without the need to engage with large-scale extractive industries.

Our History

The Australia Africa Business Council was first established in 1983. Ian Kortlang was the Founding President and Roger de Robillard the Vice-President. Ian Kortlang was an Australian diplomat at the historic 1979 Lusaka CHOGM Conference which resulted in the ‘Lusaka Declaration’.
Matthew Neuhaus wrote a thesis: “A Useful CHOGM: Lusaka 1979” about the Conference.
In 1987 the Australia Africa Business Council hosted an event honouring Oliver Tambo, the ANC leader while Nelson Mandela was ‘otherwise detained’.
Along with H.E Jean-Claude Bibi, Dean of the African Heads of Mission Group, Roger worked with Eddie Funde, the ANC official representative in Australia.

Our Vision for the Future

Our task now is to encourage Australians to see through the superficial media images and reporting about Africa.

  • How can Australia’s start-up entrepreneurs join forces with the demonstrably innovative youth of Africa numbering 500 million under 21 years of age?
  • Currently very few Africans are directors of the 220 plus ASX-listed mining and resources companies which have invested in excess of $30billion in Africa. How can Africans contribute to membership diversity on Australian Boards?
  • How can African students in Australia assist Australians in understanding the African continent?
  • In 1996 Australia lost the UN Security Council Elections with 57 votes against Portugal’s 124. In 2012 Australia won against Finland with at least 50 votes coming from African nations.
  • How can Australia sustain this powerful African goodwill to ensure Australia’s ongoing influence on the world stage?

Please join us to share or help shape our vision.


2016 Annnual Australia Africa Conference

17 Plenaries 18 Workshops and Final Plenary http://sydney.edu.au/business/about/buildings/facilities Contact: Roger de Robillard: rderobillard@bigpond.com...
November 16

University of Sydney Business School CBD Campus